Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy: World Scripts - In UCT’s News

13 October 2015

UCT’s news published an article on one of the talks delivered at the Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy: World Scripts, hosted by Huma and the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project. “What the coat of arms reveals about us,” discusses Kurt Campbell’s talk, “Politics of the Sans Serif.”

Workshop Report: “West African Manuscripts: Encyclopaedic Dimension of Study”

19 June 2012

On 22 March 2012, the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CMSC) of the University of Hamburg hosted the international workshop entitled “West African Manuscripts: Encyclopaedic Dimension of Study”.

From Cape Town to Timbuktu, A novice Traveller’s Reflections, Part 2

17 January 2012

Those who are familiar with Jamaica Kincaid’s work, especially A Small Place (1998), will have noted the reference to natives and tourists as well as colour, and the register in which these references were made as nodding in the direction of her book. This time round Joseph Conrad is at the back of my mind. Soon you’ll see how. In the last piece you got a glimpse of us, the natives of somewhere else, visiting manuscripts libraries, mosques and an artisan’s studio. In the evening, dust covered and exhausted, we lumber into La Maison hotel to sup on the delights that were on offer that night.

Calligraphic Africa: A Personal Perspective

15 June 2011

This Tombouctou series, entitled “Calligraphic Africa”, featured an interesting range of conversations.  The most common thread amongst the various talks probably being books.  When I asked Shamil Jeppie about the lecture series he said this was to inform some research he was doing on the book.  What did it mean to me? 

A Mozambican Researcher at the Cape: My experience at UCT

1 June 2011

As a team member of the Northern Mozambique Arabic Manuscript Project at University Eduardo Mondlane in Mozambique, I was invited to visit the University of Cape Town through a scholarship sponsored by the Tombouctou Manuscript Project at UCT, to fill an academic program including seminars, methodological classes and English classes during six weeks.