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18 January 2011

On 18 January 2011, Shamil Jeppie and Saarah Jappie launched at the Mama Haidara Memorial Library, Timbuktu. The launch followed the workshop ‘Writing African History, Writing in African History’ and was attended by representatives of a number of private libraries in Timbuktu. The event offered the opportunity to promote the website to the custodians of the libraries, without whom our work in Timbuktu would be impossible. The various representatives asked many questions and offered sound suggestions on how the website could work to foster collaborations with the town’s private libraries. The site was also well-received by the various academics in attendance, who represent one of the other main constituents of our website’s users. The launch in Timbuktu was an excellent start to the website’s ‘life’, providing the insight and inspiration necessary for it to continue successfully. 

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  1. Dr. Moshood M. Jimba’s avatar
    Dr. Moshood M. Jimba 19/01/2012 #

    Dear Prof. Shamil,
    Your news letter is a major breakthrough in connecting the African past with its present. You people are are doing great things. You have served as a motivator for many of us in the field of Manuscripts. Since I attended your seminar in Timbuktu in 2009, my impression about African Manuscripts is no longer the same. You have greatly influenced me and I remain indebted to you. A replica of your 2009 Timbuktu Seminar was organized in September 2011 for a group of academics from various Nigerian universities by the Ilorin History and Culture Bureau (IHCB) in collaboration with SAVAMA - DCI. At the end of the exercise, a national body known as Nigeria Association for the Collection and Preservation of Manuscripts in Sub - Shara Africa for which I was elected the President, was formed.I look up to a good working relationship with you in future. Please continue doing your good job. I am proud of you, Africa is proud of you.

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