Timbuktu: Script and Scholarship

8 August 2008

Timbuktu: Script and Scholarship was an exhibition, held at the Iziko Castle of Good Hope from August 8 to September 3, 2008. The event was part of the South Africa-Mali government partnership’s project to conserve and raise awareness of the existence of the Timbuktu manuscripts. In total, 40 manuscripts from the Ahmed Baba Institute (IHERI-AB) were on display. These documents covered topics including astronomy, medicine, mathematics, science, poetry, religion, commerce, law and social relationships. Besides the manuscripts, artefacts and clothing from Timbuktu and the Sahel region were also on display. The Tombouctou Manuscripts Project’s role was in the general research for the exhibition, the preparation of the exhibition catalogue (see Publications) and offering guided tours of the exhibition.

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