2014: PAST EVENTS - Nigeria Study Day

13 April 2015

 HUMA and Tombouctou Special Event: Nigeria Study Day

Nigeria has been in the news and in our conversations for all sorts of reasons. There is the insurgency in the Northeastern part of the country by the shady Boko Haram group that emerged in the early 2000s that has been able to enact really brutal acts of terror. The most infamous of which was the kidnap of around 300 schoolgirls. Military responses have only worsened the situation while various politicians have been using the crisis for their own benefit. Next year, 2015, Nigeria will have general elections. This situation has once again turned the country into an example of an African country in perpetual turmoil on the brink of unspeakable disaster.
Title: Entitlement Failure, Human Security, and State Capacity: Nigeria in the Age of Boko Haram
Speaker: Prof Jimi Adesina (SARchi Chair in Social Policy, Unisa) 
Title: New Nigerian Writing and Local Circuits of Value: Some Preliminary Reflections.
Speaker: Prof Harry Garuba (African Studies Centre, UCT) 
Title: Is the ‘North’ a mere Rhetorical Tool? Reflections on the Disintegration of Northern Nigeria from the First Republic to Boko Haram
Speaker: Dr. Andrea Brigaglia (Department of Religious Studies, UCT) 
Title: The Nigerian History Machine and the Poverty of National Narrative
Speaker: Mr Samaila Suleiman (Bayero University, Nigeria)
Date: Wednesday, 20 August 2014
For more information, review the programme announcement here.
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