Preserving the history at the heart of an age-old crisis

16 May 2012

Below is an article by the Director of the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project, Shamil Jeppie, published in the Cape Argus on 16th April this year. Click the article to see a larger, downloadable version.

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  1. Dan’s avatar
    Dan 27/06/2012 #

    By 2005 the global trade in Second-hand Clothing (SHC) had grown ten-fold to a value of $1 blliion annuallyThe Impact of Second-hand Clothing trade on Developing Countries   Baden, Sally and Barber, Catherine, Sept 2005   Oxfam

  2. Getu’s avatar
    Getu 28/06/2012 #

    Obviously, Prof. Lean has never seen pigs in their natural state.My faehtr took me and my bother, as children, to see the new piglets bred at Peak Downs, as part of the Queensland British Food Corporation agreement.  Pigs were kept in a paddock with a rough shelter in one corner.  The sow had retired to the shelter to produce her 8 piglets, but was now out rooting around.  Dad showed us how clean pigs are when left to their own devices.  They used only the far corner of the paddock for their toilet .  He pointed out that people think pigs are dirty because they keep them in areas far too small, where they can’t behave naturally.We were mightily impressed.  Indeed they were happy pigs for their short lives.The thought of those cruel crates, for pigs or hens, is enough to turn this meat-eater vegetarian.  We choose to pay more for our meat and use less.  We buy from a certified organic butcher who buys only from inspected properties. It is a choice which keep us in good health and some lucky animals happier.

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